International Commerce

30 years of experience in the French and European Union markets at the service of your company !

Even if your company does not have immediate plans to extend its services to these countries, the opportunity to approach these markets should not be missed. However, a move of this nature brings difficulties and demands that are proportional to numerous existing possibilities, and every care must be taken to ensure that you have the support of companies that have proved themselves in their markets of origin.

B&A GESTION and LFC Management can administer your development in these countries, or assist your company through the expertise of our professionals, who operate in a very concrete manner, as they are consultants that have preserved entrepreneurial responsibilities. Our professionals are fully integrated into the specifics of these local businesses and have strong ties with the European, South American and North American cultures.

We are a rational solution to help you approach these markets. Our personalised services are based on a net of relationships and operational structures in Brazil and Europe, as well as on the practical experience gained from a range of economic sectors.

We assist big, small and medium-sized companies. It is important to note that, in the case of small companies, such implementation policy may require heavy investments if the company decides to set about it on its own. This is why we propose forming a company consortium to look for new markets, so as to optimise investments in the pre-implementation phase (market studies, definition of strategy, representation office, etc…)

We will assist your company in :

> Technological, commercial and regulation surveillance
> Diagnosis and viability study
> Participation in the definition of a market penetration strategy
> Information on the economy and cultural aspects of these countries
> Identification of local markets and assistance in negotiations
> Logistic support
> Creation and animation of branch
> Implementation of information systems
> Market studies
> Commercial development, supervision and control of activities.

The high costs involved in running an exports department and scarce human resources sometimes limit the possibilitie' of a company developing internationally.

The "à la carte" services (previous studies/logistic support/ control and supervision of implementation)) of B&A GESTION, LFC Management and partners are fit to suit the needs of our clients.